Allow your lighting to perform its best.

Leviton Vizia-RF Lighting Control

You’ll enjoy the convenience, security-lighting and energy savings from the latest in lighting controls.

You save money by avoiding new wiring and there’s no dust from construction!

Leviton Vizia RF lighting control system for homes

These devices replace standard light switches and dimmers and give you the ability to control lighting from across the house or manually just as you normally do.

Security Lighting

By touching one button you get MANY LIGHTS ON if something “goes bump” in the night.

Convenience Control

You'll like the convenient ability to turn MANY LIGHTS OFF when you leave home or go to bed at night. Or the hour-long-dim feature for little kids who are afraid of the dark at bed time.

Energy Savings Too

Automatic or “Timed” control of lighting is also easy. You can have the automated clock turn ON lights at dusk and off at dawn. The built-in “Astro-Clock” tracks the changes in sunset and sunrise for you.


How Does it work?

Vizia-RF is the culmination of combining the beautiful Leviton Vizia™ line of lighting devices with a reliable wireless communication technology based on a widely accepted system called Z-wave. Vizia-RF boasts advanced lighting control and wireless home automation capabilities. Advanced features such as enhanced two-way, load sensing, energy saving dim-lock on our dimmers, adjustable fade rates, simplified installation techniques and more are all featured with a Vizia-RF system.

Made by Leviton - many of the switches in your house that have been there since you bought the home are probably made by Leviton.