Energy Star Thermatru Entry Door

December 2007

An old wooden door in a brick and block masonry house needed to be replaced. Here is the "before" picture.

Thermatru door before picture

The old door and frame were completely removed, down to the opening in the brick.

Thermatru door during picture

The completed door, with new door casings (molding) in the classic craftsman style to match the door.

Thermatru door after picture

ThermaTru Doors

  • ThermaTru door systems completely seal the entry way eliminating transfer of heat and cold.
  • A solid polyurethane foam core provides five times the insulating value of comparable wood doors and often doubles the R-Value of most polystyrene core steel doors.
  • Plus, your home will be much quieter inside.
  • Therma-Tru was named the top-rated fiberglass door maker by Consumer Reports.

Project Cost

  • Through the end of 2007, a federal tax credit was available for purchasing ENERGY STAR doors. The credit was 10 percent of the cost (not including installation) up to $500.
  • This door cost the customer $1437 so he would get a tax credit of $143.
  • The installation cost was $1555, including a custom staining of inside and outside door surfaces to look like cherry wood.


Thermatru door with wreath

Just in time for a Holiday wreath